Thermal Mapping: Warehouses / Cold Rooms

Thermal mapping should be performed when the outside temperature is either very high or very low.

Mapping should be performed every two or three years according to any change and the placement of the goods.

In every GMP facility the warehouses are constantly monitored with temperature probes. By calibratig these probes, the legal entities are considered to be reached. However, thermal mapping is different from calibration and routine monitoring. Main difference is that while thermal mapping; all of the risked areas are measured.

With thermal mapping  we provide the following information:

  • The intervention effect (Open door, power failure)
  • Defining the hot and cold points
  • Temperature change in one point
  • Temperature change in the area
  • Duration of devitaions in temperature 

Our accreditation scope includes EN 60068-3-5-6-7 and WHO standarts.